Dynamic AI

Welcome to Dynamic AI!

Dynamic AI is a research and innovation lab focusing on exploring and developing ideas and concepts at the interface of dynamical systems and machine learning (ML). Rooted in academia rigor, we are obssessed with anything that has to do with dynamical systems and ML in our lab. We are excited to turn our obsession into not only academic publications but also valuable products in the form of impactful real world applications!


Dynamic AI strives to:

  • To survey, review and produce state-of-the-arts of research results at the interface of dynamical systems and ML
  • To explore various foundational topics at the interface of dynamical systems and ML
  • To build various real world applications inspired by the explorations in this interface
  • To disseminate knowledge and information about the progress in this interface to the general audience


  • Research
  • Private consulting
  • Software developing
  • Education


Check out our reading list here and the notebook here (still under construction). Until then, stay tuned!


We are happy to hear from you! For any enquiries and comments, please contact us via the email address: soon DOT hoe DOT lim AT su DOT se.